Firmware update Ver-20100107

Official release version (RELEASE)

This is the 0.4-RELEASE-20100107 version of the firmware for the Plat'Home OpenMicroServer model OMS-AL400/128.


Please check file size and MD5 sum of your downloaded file. If you install firmware from a broken file, you might not be able to boot the MicroServer anymore.

size (byte) md5sum
IPv4 only 9.2 MB 79ae02604e229fa22ac6c1c42774459a
IPv6 included 9.5 MB d8ae8af1c6c6d4df00cf5b9724af0ebe

Release Notes


The OMS-AL400/128 firmware update 0.4-RELEASE-20100107 implements the following changes over version 0.4-RELEASE-20091129:

Software updates

Supported devices

This firmware does not work on OpenBlockS models or other devices.


Refer to the OpenMicroServer User's Guide.


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