Firmware update Ver-20100107

Official release version (RELEASE)

This is the newest, official release version of the firmware for the Plat'Home OpenBlockS266/128R model, released Jan 07, 2010.


For OpenBlockS266/128/16R (RoHS compliant model)
IPv4 only
size (byte) md5sum
standard version 8.1 MB 637e2aee3a3fda568e26b088082dde90
additional commands 10.9 MB 505e709fb02a8f6127bdf2ff743096a0
IPv6 included
size (byte) md5sum
IPv6 included 8.4 MB 37f728baac91ea14988fa2e7ded21a9e
IPv6 included, additional commands version 10.9 MB 95e390f21cf114d95763e148fa7a80cd

Release Notes

These are the release notes of the firmware update for the OpenBlockS.

Model OBS266/128/16R
Firmware Version 2.6.16 4.0-20100107
Author / Distributor Plat'Home Co., Ltd.

Please install this firmware only on the above model. See the User's Guide for installation instructions.

Changes from version 20091129 to 20100107


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