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MicroServer Series

The Open Laboratory is the place where we offer developers all information they need to make best use of our products.

The MicroServer Series is developed completely in-house. We provide you with all relevant information such as hardware functional specifications and more.

The firmware and software is constantly being updated, and the newest versions are available here. Please check the support pages of the individual devices for new updates and download them regularly.

Support - FAQ
OpenBlocks 266
Support - FAQ
Support - FAQ
PacketiX BOX
Support - FAQ

For help and support regarding our products, contact us at

You can also use our web contact form.


Plat'Home's own original distribution SSD/Linux is completely open source. We regularly provide you with pre-compiled software, current firmware updates and installation guides, so you won't have to do daily package / driver verification, maintenance, and customization.

SSD/Linux Cross Development Environment

We provide you with the native development environment and cross development environment necessary for software development, and the tools to go along with them, all at no extra charge. The cross-development environment is a SSD/Linux package for i386 processors. This allows you do develop your applications for the MicroServer on a normal PC.

SSD/Linux 0.4-LATEST for i386

PacketiX VPN

We offer manuals and a FAQ.

For questions regarding PacketiX, please refer to