We at Plat'Home, founded in 1993, hold up the motto of “Technology to Serve You” to symbolize how we support our customers with technology and research.

Technology to Serve You

Embracing challenges

We are holding out for IT professionals who relate to computers and networks, reaching out to those embracing challenges like we do. Our goal is to provide them with products and solutions that can be trusted under any condition. The trust we receive from customers is our pride, and our reason to always do our best to meet anticipations.

Accomplishments started from pioneering the Linux market

We pioneered the Linux market in Japan in 1993, and from the advantage of the first mover built high technological skill in years of experience. We have achieved many breakthroughs on the open source field in Japan. Plat'Home was the first company to deliver a Linux server in Japan in 1996, and we have gained a reputation for servers, storage, network and security devices as reseller and under our own brand.

In the stream of people and information

We will keep on supporting the people rushing forward in Japan's energized and fast-paced IT center Tokyo and taking part of the torrent that is revolving around the now, with our true technological strength that is backed by long years of experience. That our company carries out this role is not a coincidence. Our eye has always been that of the engineer marching at the forefront of his and her time.

We lead the business and research of our customers to certain success. Put together, this is our thorough customer orientation. Our core competence is the technology and know-how that gives a shape to the ideas of our customers.

“Technology to Serve You.” - Our engineering power, for our customers.