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PacketiX™ VPN is next-generation VPN software that offers stability, flexibility and expandability, from home and small and medium-size business networks to advanced high-bandwidth and heavy load networks required by large corporations, Internet providers and SaaS businesses.

Contrary to older VPN solutions, PacketiX™ VPN 2.0 can be integrated into an existing network much more easily, as it creates a virtual image of an Ethernet, with LAN cards, routers, hubs and switches. The PacketiX VPN protocol easily passes obstacles on the LAN and the Internet, like firewalls and proxies, as its packets can be handled like a usual SSL connection.

Virtual Ethernet devices
Virtual Ethernet devices created by PacketiX VPN



With cascade connections and virtual layer 3 switches, PacketiX VPN allows administrators to connect local networks at different locations into one integrated network, so that all ressources can be easily accessed from anywhere.

The PacketiX VPN protocol easily passes through most routers, proxy servers and firewalls. Thus, the VPN network can be accessed from any remote location with the VPN Client, such as WLAN hotspots in airports and hotels.

PacketiX VPN architecture overview
Network architecture and connections of PacketiX VPN 2.0

Even in mixed environments, PacketiX VPN can be introduced, as it runs on a wide range of platforms like Windows 2000, XP and Vista, Mac OS, Linux, Solaris and FreeBSD.

Cost Reduction

PacketiX VPN removes the necessity to rent dedicated lines and expensive specialized hardware to create a secure network connection to remote locations.

Stability and Scalability

PacketiX VPN 2.0 can bundle several IP connections for one VPN session, to ensure a fast, stable connection even over an unreliable physical network.

With the integrated functionality to connect several VPN servers to a cluster, the PacketiX VPN network keeps running smoothly even if a server fails. And by adding more servers over time, the network can be scaled to meet the demands of a successful growing business.


PacketiX™ VPN supports the encryption of communication packets, server authentication, user authentication using password or hardware token, and a variety of other security functions, and uses the latest and safest standards.

Easy to Install and Manage

Even non-specialist users can manage the easy installation and administration using intuitive GUI tools.

Comparison to other VPN Solutions

(Layer 2 VPN)
Remote Access Yes Yes Yes Yes
Office-to-office Yes Yes Yes -
Complete network virtualization Yes - - -
Security High High High Low
Installation and Administration Very Easy Difficult Difficult Easy
Expandability High Low Low High

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Windows Vista™ Compliance

Windows Vista Compliance Logo
PacketiX™ VPN 2.0 completed Windows Vista™ support and commenced offering free Windows Vista™ compliant update files since December 1, 2006 - two months before the official release of Windows Vista™ at the end of January 2007.

Windows Vista™ Compliance details

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