Plat'Home starts shipping OpenBlockS 600 in North America

Dec 7, 2009

Small and tough Linux micro server on its way to customers

AKIHABARA, Japan - December 07, 2009 - Plat'Home, Japan's Linux pioneer, today announced the start of shipment for the OpenBlockS 600, a compact robust Linux micro server.

The Product

The OpenBlockS 600 is a small, tough server designed to withstand earthquakes, desert heat, extreme cold or... just tough office and production environments. It packs a 600 MHz CPU, a full Gigabyte of RAM and Gigabit Ethernet in a palm-sized box. To remove the major causes for hardware failure, it has no fan, no HDD and no electrolytic capacitors, for an astonishing mean time between failure (MTBF) of 468,932 hours (over 53 years!) and a maximum ambient temperature raised to 55 deg C / 131 deg F.

At 5.2-inches-by-3.1-inches in size, 1.2 inches thick, and under 10 ounces weight, it fits -- and survives -- in any small corner. And at a mere 8 W power consumption, it's friendly to both wallet and environment.

The OpenBlockS 600 is available at:

Plat'Home offers a wide range of preinstall and customization options for value-added resellers and appliance makers who wish to base their product on the OpenBlockS 600.

The OpenBlockS Series

The OpenBlockS 600 is the newest model of the OpenBlockS series, the leading embedded Linux platform in Japan. As robust workhorses for everything from data streaming to device control and network monitoring, OpenBlockS systems have convinced both Linux enthusiasts and large enterprises with their reliability and durability and sold around 50.000 units.


Specs and additional information

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About Plat'Home

Plat'Home Co., Ltd., founded 1993, was the first company to introduce the Linux operating system in Japan. It sells PC servers under its own brand since 1996. In 2000, and it was the first company to introduce an embedded Linux server system in Japan, the OpenBlockS. The series has achieved around 50.000 units sold. Plat'Home is a public company at the Tokyo Stock Exchange. For more information, contact Plat'Home Co., Ltd. at



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