Plat'Home Announces Free Availability of Easy-to-Operate VPN Software

Aug 13, 2008

PacketiX.NET utilizes cloud computing to protect remote access

SAN JOSE, Calif. - August 11, 2008 - Plat'Home, Japan's Linux technology pioneer, today announced the world-wide availability of PacketiX.NET, a VPN server cluster with a web interface and thousands of virtual hubs. With PacketiX.NET, users can easily set up their own private virtual hub for free and take advantage of unlimited, full functionality by simply accessing a free download. Plat'Home is a sales partner for SoftEther, the maker of PacketiX.NET.

To build a network connection and send data over a hub, users can download and install the PacketiX VPN client for free at

PacketiX.NET routes all data transmissions over a secure gateway server and encrypts all data by SSL. Regardless whether content is sent over a wireless LAN, which may be susceptible to intercepted traffic, or over a public Internet access service, users can easily apply encryption to achieve maximum security against eavesdropping.

"PacketiX.NET allows you to use the Internet for security. That sounds like an oxymoron, but it's not. Simple, inexpensive security is possible. With this free service, you get to test it, and see yourself how useful it is for your business and at home," said Nobori Daiyu, president of SoftEther. "With PacketiX.NET, unlike a standard VPN setup, users don't need server hardware and a fixed IP on the Internet. They simply access the central server that's set up by SoftEther, thus making the whole process considerably easier."

The service is best suited for accessing the Internet in the following situations:

For more information about PacketiX.NET, please visit

About Plat'Home

Plat'Home Co., Ltd. introduced the fledgling Linux operating system to Japan when it was founded in 1993. Plat'Home introduced the first server line under its own brand in 1996, and went public at the Tokyo Stock Exchange in 2000. Plat'Home is First Partner for SoftEther, developer of the revolutionary VPN software PacketiX VPN. In 2007, Plat'Home established its first U.S. subsidiary, in San Jose, California, to introduce Japanese IT products to new markets. For more information, please contact Plat'Home USA Ltd. at


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